New Shows

Hello, Noel the RocketPegasus here! So, as soon as everything’s set up, ExplodingVampireTiger will be producing new shows! They will range from being about TV shows to movies to video games, basically everything geek. Content will include:

RocketPegasus Reviews

I review whatever I want. Hilarity ensues.

Doctor Chrono’s Science Horror Theater

Join acclaimed reclusive scientist Doctor Chrono on his time-traveling spaceship theater as he journeys into tales of monsters and metahumans.

The Wizard Lord’s Apprentice

Evan “WizardLord220” Zimmer does videos on improving your gathering of skills for Magic: The Gathering.

The MemeDoggo Show

Go into the demented mind of MemeDoggo. Be warned; it’s not for the faint of heart. (EDIT BY MEMEDOGGO: IT’S REALLY NOT)

Steam Stupidity

Julian and Noel find the worst games on Steam and suffer through them. You should be thankful!

Waffle Cosplay

Watch Zoe the CosplayWaffle do awesome cosplay stuff!

Fanfiction Hell

Five people read bad fanfiction. May the lord be merciful on them.