About Us

These are the dudes who make ExplodingVampireTiger what it is.

Noel “RocketPegasus” Hem

Created when a unicorn blasted a marshmallow with love during an eclipse as dancing anime girls performed a blood ritual, Noel Hem grew up a whole fourteen years to become a rocket-powered, mythical winged creature. Also, he makes reviews of geeky stuff.

Evan “WizardLord220” Zimmer

Training in the art of gathering magic for millennia, this powerful wizard gained immense skill in the arts. He rules over powerful spells and enchantments, and many cower in his presence. And sometimes, he transfers it into a card game he talks about on the internet.

Samson “HerculeanCompanion”

Known from legend as a companion to great heroes, he has ventured on his own to create new shows for a website- as a companion to others. Baby steps, guys.

Zoe “CosplayWaffle”

An ancient chameleon, she travels across the land, changing from person to person. Watch as she teaches you how to change too.

Julian “MemeDoggo” Hem

In the deepest corners of the internet, an embryo of memes was being grown to be the ultimate culmination of memelord power. After being born into the deepest, darkest corners of Reddit, he posted and searched his heart out. He mostly comes out in the dark web. Mostly.